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So much FUN, it's hard to list it all!!

Have Fun Inside

Frozen Picasso


Ready for the latest and greatest ice breaker/team building event for your group?  Frozen Picasso is here to turn your guests into sub-zero masters of ice as they compete to build the best sculpture out of nothing but a little bit of frozen water!  We’ll provide all the cool ice shapes, dry ice to ‘melt’ the shapes into cool sculptures, gloves, chisels and of course - inspirations to inspire each team of artists (Upward Trending, Shoot the Moon, etc)!  Once complete, teams get the chance to showcase their original ice art with a 60-second ‘Art School’ presentation to the other teams before a winner is crowned.

Game Show Mashup


Everybody loves game shows, and we’ve created the perfect event by combining everyone’s favorite game shows into one big ‘extravaganza’!  We’ll play rounds of Jeopardy, Name That Tune, Minute-to-Win-It, and Family Feud so that no matter what your strength, you and your team will get the opportunity to dominate.  We play these games as ALL PLAYS so no one ever feels out of the loop!! This fully customizable event is all about each team working together - complete with sound effects and video clues, it’s as close to the real thing as you can get!

Minute to Win It (table-top speed games just like the TV show!)


Who will be crowned the “cup stacking” champion of your office?  Who among you has the most flexible face muscles to win the ‘Face Off” cookie eating challenge??  Legends will be made as we challenge your group to a series of highly energetic, fast-paced games similar to the TV show ‘Minute-to-Win It’.  From Card Ninja to Peanut Butter Pong, we play them all! This event is a great way for team members to showcase hidden talents as they help carry their teams to victory!

Recycled Runway: Fashion Goes Green

Based on popular fashion design TV shows, our Recycled Runway event challenges your team to put a model on the catwalk wearing a stunning outfit made out of entirely recycled materials!  Each team starts with a box of ‘basics’ and design tools, then competes in fun games to earn cash to use and buy extra materials to finish complete their outfit. Each team must use all of their creative juices to transform their recycled materials into something hip and stylish.  A team spokesperson must be ready to “present” the model and the outfit to the crowd during the “Recycled Runway Catwalk Show”. Want to incorporate social media? Teams can create an Instagram page for their brand and earn bonus points for getting likes and followers. A great event to get your group brainstorming on branding, selling, and showcasing – get ready for your team to WORK IT!

Escape Rooms / Hotel Escape


Escape Rooms are awesome, but they are tough to do with larger groups as they are designed for a small group of people trying to ‘escape’.  That’s why we created ‘Hotel Escape’, the perfect combination of Escape Room and Scavenger Hunt that’s perfect for groups of any size. We use all the puzzles and clues of your standard Escape Room, and combine it with the treasure hunting fun of a scavenger hunt to get your teams moving all around your hotel, resort or conference center as they try to be the first team to ESCAPE!  Got a REALLY big group? Not to worry! We often design 3 – 4 separate ‘escape routes’ for big groups to make sure teams are spread out and not tripping over each other. Our biggest group – 350 people!



Ready to turn your team into a full-blown movie production crew?  This incredibly unique event will allow your team to live out their Hollywood fantasies as they write, produce, film, direct, and star in their very own short film!  Each team gets one of our professional facilitators, then guests sign up for different roles – both on-screen talent and behind-the-scenes stars are needed! Teams draw for different ‘movie themes’ so that each movie is unique.  Themes include “Game of Thrones”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Austin Powers”, “Star Trek” and more! The tech crew uses iPads and boom mics to capture the action, then our editors take the footage for a quick edit. Depending on the timeline and number of teams, movies are ready to watch at your awards show later that night or the next day!

Schoolhouse Rocks – Jimmy Fallon Style School Instruments Music Videos


Ever wanted to be a part of Jimmy Fallon’s musical skits? Now’s your chance to get your team moving, grooving, and really working together as they find their sound and lay down the beat to a popular song!  It’s based on ‘group sing’ (although soloists are welcome!), and the elementary school instruments we pass out make sure no one takes themselves too seriously!  Along with their song choice and lyrics, teams will receive an assortment of classroom instruments, an Ipad with a backing track, and one of our experienced “conductors” to help you through the entire process. After plenty of time to learn their song and practice, teams will get the opportunity to record their musical masterpieces for your whole group to enjoy!  If above link doesn’t work, Check out this link for an example: HERE

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Have Fun Outside

Amazing Races!


Ever wanted to be a part of Jimmy Fallon’s musical skits? Now’s your chance to get your team moving, grooving, and really working together as they find their sound and lay down the beat to a popular song!  It’s based on ‘group sing’ (although soloists are welcome!), and the elementary school instruments we pass out make sure no one takes themselves too seriously!  Along with their song choice and lyrics, teams will receive an assortment of classroom instruments, an Ipad with a backing track, and one of our experienced “conductors” to help you through the entire process. After plenty of time to learn their song and practice, teams will get the opportunity to record their musical masterpieces for your whole group to enjoy!  If above link doesn’t work, Check out this link for an example: HERE

Ninja Warrior Course (can be done indoors or outdoors)

Have you ever been sitting on the couch watching TV and say to yourself, “I can do that!”?  Well now here is your chance! You and your team can compete with and against each other to be the next Ninja Warrior Champions!  From the Jumping Spider to the Warped Wall, your team can see if you have what it takes to complete one of the toughest obstacle courses on the planet!

Beach/ Lawn Olympics

Does your team have what it takes to earn a Gold medal?!  Raise the flag and start the music!! Don’t worry, no javelins will be thrown in our Beach Olympics, but teams will rotate through a series of stations that will challenge them both mentally and physically!  Teams face off in alternating rotations, so they face a new opponent every game which encourages maximum guest interaction. Rubber Chicken Slingshot, Fowling (football + bowling pins!) and the optional inflatable obstacle course are just a few of few of the events that will determine who ends up on the medal stand!  Medals included for the winning team!!

Sandcastle Showdown

It’s time for your team to get their toes in the sand and embrace their creative side as we challenge them to build awesome sandcastles on the beach!  Sandcastles aren’t just for kids anymore – it’s become serious competition on beaches all across the United States, and your team will get their chance at creative glory all while enjoying a good time in the sun.

Food / Cooking Challenges (works great indoors or out!)


Whether it’s a Chili Cookoff, a Smoothie Smackdown, an Iron Chef Competition, or a Salsa/Guacamole Showdown, we have a culinary challenge to fit your needs!  Each of our culinary events involve not just the fun of creating a unique dish, but also an exercise in branding and promotion! Every team must design a unique theme and restaurant brand to present to the judges along with their tasty dishes.  If your company wants to go all out and see if they have what it takes to beat an actual Iron Chef from the Food Network hit TV series, schedules permitting, we can make that happen too! Fun food-themed games accompany the cooking to keep the mood upbeat and competitive (like competitive cucumber racing!).

Food Truck Face-Off (works great indoors or out!)


Food Trucks have taken the country by storm and now it’s your team’s chance to get in on the action as you create your own Food Truck brand! Not only will your team create an awesome Food Truck façade, but you also use the supplied ingredients to bring prepare one amazing bite – one incredible TASTE -that will blow away the judges! Do you have what it takes to become your company’s Food Truck Face Off Champions?!

Cake Wars / Nailed It Decorating Challenge


Based on the popular baking show, this event challenges teams to work together as they strive to create the ultimate Cake Creation. Using their sweet tooth as their guide and their creative powers as inspiration, teams must design and then decorate a cake that will earn their team the title of “Master Cake Baker”!

Corporate Social Responsibility Events or CSR's

LEGO Superhero Portraits CSR


What happens when you put Superheros together with one of the most popular toys in history?  The LEGO Superhero Portrait CSR! Your team will compete in fun LEGO-based challenges to earn the supplies necessary to complete your Superhero portrait made entirely of LEGO’s! Built using our proprietary ‘Brick-By-Numbers’ technique, these portraits will benefit children battling illness who are stuck in a hospital room with little to no distractions. In addition to the Superhero Portrait, patients will receive a big bin of LEGO’s to make their own creations - it’s a double donation situation!  This event can be done on its own or as an add-on to Sales Conferences, Company Meetings, or Trade Shows.

All Hands On Deck - 3D Prosthetic Hands


The invention of 3D printers has revolutionized the medical world, making devices that were once super-expensive easily accessible to the public.  Partnered with the eNable Foundation, we’ll bring all the supplies needed for your guests to change the lives of kids who can’t afford prosthetic devices or who have outgrown the devices they currently have.  Your guests will snap together fingers, knuckles, and palms, and will ‘thread’ the strings that make gripping and movement possible. Each team can choose a color scheme, and our facilitators will be ‘on hand’ to make sure all devices get completed properly.  We have great video content of kids receiving and using their hands, and when available we’ll have a representative from the Foundation on hand to say thank you.

Pantry Putt Putt (Mini Golf Food Bank CSR)


Ready to impact you local community in a big way by helping put food on the tables of needy families?  Our Mini-Golf Course “Pantry Putt” Challenge helps your team interact in a fun way while also helping others.  Teams arrive to find they are each in charge of designing a new hole on a mini-golf course – the kicker is they can only use the materials provided, which includes lots of canned food and non-perishable items that will later be donated.  If you’ve ever wanted to putt past a windmill made of Campbell’s cans and macaroni boxes, now’s your chance! After the course is completed, teams must putt their way through the course, trying to score the lowest number of strokes. A great way to get your team hands-on involvement in both teamwork and community service!

Bikes & Bears


Our Bikes and Bears event is the perfect way for your group to give back to your community in a truly meaningful way, and to ‘get their game on’ as we turn the classic corporate bike build into a fun, energetic, and competitive challenge!  Teams earn both points and bicycle parts as they move through a series of fast-paced and exciting challenges (similar to the TV show Minute-to-Win It). The winning team gets 1 st place medals, but the big winners are the kids that receive their bicycle, helmet, and stuffed animal!  We will coordinate with a local charity or Boys and Girls Club to close the event with a heartfelt message from the charity, and when schedule permits, we are able to have the children receiving the bikes on-hand to personally thank your team. You can also build: Wheelchairs, Skateboards, Beehives, Travel Duffels for Kids in Foster Care, plus many more options!

Stockings For Soldiers


Does your office want to make an impact around holiday time for people in need?!  Whether it be for soldiers or another charity of your choice, we can help you bring your employees together by competing in Minute 2 Win It style games to earn items for creating their very own stockings which are guaranteed to brighten someone’s day.

Other CSR Care Package Events

We build care packages for homeless shelters, Wounded Warriors, Red Cross and Operation Homefront (military families) plus backpacks for Boys and Girls Clubs. The sky’s the limit!! We can do Care Packages as an add-on for Game Shows, Amazing Races, or Minute 2 Win It – so teams compete to earn items for donation or we can do them as their own event as well.



If you’ve never seen CANstruction before, you simply must Google some of the awesome art pieces this national charity creates out of canned food!  Now that you’ve checked them out, it’s time for your group to get in the donation spirit as you CANstruct 3D models of some of the world’s most famous landmarks! To start, teams are given between 350 and 400 cans per team and then they randomly draw for a famous landmark (Golden Gate Bridge, Angkor Wat, Taj Majal, etc.).   A series of quick games earns them money to buy additional building materials that will help round out their CANstruction. All canned goods are donated to a local food bank, and your team goes home feeling great about their ability to work together and about their opportunity to help their local community!

Joy Jars


We partnered with the Jessie Rees Foundation to create an exciting event with a very unique charitable element…JOY JARS!  Joy jars are containers of love that your group will get to fill with toys, games, and activities for children all over the country fighting cancer.  Using our Minute to Win It games as the foundation, teams will compete in various challenges to earn points and the opportunity to stuff jars. The team with the highest score at the end will be the champions, but sending a little “hope and joy” to these children will make you ALL WINNERS! And when they receive their Joy Jars, they’ll be reminded to NEGU….Never Ever Give Up!

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